Egypt prone to more political instability: US Council on Foreign Relations

A new survey by the US Council on Foreign Relations has warned of “increased political instability” in Egypt and highlighted a need to prioritize the prevention of that risk.

The Preventive Priorities Survey, which “seeks to evaluate conflicts based on their likelihood of occurring or escalating and their impact on US national interests,” put political stability in Egypt among issues in need for prioritizing on foreign policy agendas side by side with continued political fracturing in Libya, the conflict in Syria and intensified political violence in Turkey.

It said the future of the political scene in Egypt rose from a “moderate” priority in the 2015 report to “high" in the current edition.

Egypt recently elected a new parliament amid surging attacks by extremist militants against security forces, which broke out with the 2013 overthrow of Mohamed Morsi and the currently-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.


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