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Egypt, Russia discuss preparations for BRICS membership 

The Russian President’s envoy to BRICS countries Sergei Ryabkov met with Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister Rajy al-Etreby to discuss arrangements for Egypt to join the BRICS group by January 1, 2024.

According to Etreby, Ryabkov stressed his country’s support and its welcoming of Egypt into the group.

He called Egypt one of the most influential countries regionally and internationally, in addition to its extensive experience in many of the fields covered by the group.

Ryabkov also expressed Russia’s confidence in the positive contribution that Egypt will make to the joint work of the BRICS countries.

He stressed that his country will work, during its presidency of the gathering, to facilitate Egypt joining the various cooperation mechanisms and initiatives within the BRICS.

Etreby expressed his nation’s full appreciation for Russia’s support in cooperating with Egypt to aid it joining the group in conjunction with the start of the Russian presidency next year.

Egypt is eager to be a positive and effective member, he said, and aims to support all cooperation within the BRICS framework, which will aid Egypt’s comprehensive economic development efforts.

Etreby pointed out Egypt also desires to help support the joint action of the BRICS countries in enhancing the role of developing countries on the international scene.

The two sides also agreed to continue consultations during the coming months to prepare for the start of Egypt’s membership in the BRICS group.

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