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Egypt slams reports on building Sinai shelters for displaced Palestinians

The Chairman of the Egyptian State Information Service (SIS), Diaa Rashwan, has slammed various international media reports claiming preparations are in place to build units in North Sinai to shelter Palestinians in the event of their displacement.

“Egypt’s position is complete and irreversible rejection of any forced or voluntary displacement of our Palestinian brothers from the Gaza Strip to outside it, especially to Egyptian lands,” Rashwan stressed.

He explained on Friday that the displacement of Palestinians represents the “certain liquidation of the Palestinian cause, and a direct threat to Egyptian sovereignty and national security.”

“This position has been made clear by all Egyptians that this is a red line and that Cairo has the means to deal with it immediately and effectively,” Rashwan stressed.

“Egypt, with its declared and frank position, cannot take any measures or movements on its territory that conflict with it (its opposition to displacement), and give the impression, falsely promoted by some, that it is participating in the crime of displacement called for by some Israeli parties.”

He added that displacement is “A grave war crime condemned by international humanitarian law, and Egypt cannot be a party to it. Quite the opposite, as it will take everything that must be done to stop it and prevent those who seek to commit it from carrying it out.”

International media reports claimed that Egypt had begun constructing a separation wall on its border with the Gaza Strip, as Israel prepares to storm the Palestinian city of Rafah adjacent to the Egyptian border.

Rashwan said, “Egypt already has, long before the outbreak of the current crisis, a buffer zone and walls in this region, which are the procedures and measures that any country in the world takes to maintain the security of its borders and sovereignty over its lands.”

The Egyptian leadership has frequently emphasized its rejection of the displacement of Palestinians from their lands, and called on working to prevent the circle of conflict from expanding to other areas in the region.

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