Egyptian actor Ahmed al-Fishawy handed one-month prison sentence

The Khalifa Family Court sentenced famed Egyptian actor, director and producer Ahmed al-Fishawy to one month in jail for abstaining from paying alimony for his teenage daughter Lina worth LE234,600, according to a statement from his ex-wife’s lawyer Shaaban Said.

Lina is Fishawy’s daughter with Hend al-Hennawy, who has been embroiled in a series of court disputes with her divorcee since 2005.

The Family Court issued the one-month prison sentence based on a document submitted by Said proving that Fishawy, the star of Sheikh Jackson (2017), is financially capable of supporting his daughter Lina.

Hennawy’s lawyer indicated that Fishawy is now stuck between two choices: either pay his daughter’s alimony or be imprisoned for an entire month, adding that the court sentence cannot be appealed.

In a phone interview on the Egyptian TV program “Ana 7awa” (I am Eve) on Mehwar Channel, the lawyer stressed that Hennawy’s family does not want to put Ahmed, the son of late iconic star Farouk al-Fishawy, in jail nor ruin his reputation, and so for his sake it would be best if he just provided the expenses.

Hennawy’s lawyer also expressed a personal willingness to turn down all prior 16 lawsuits issued against Fishawy on behalf of his divorcee, in the event he pays the required money for his daughter.

The lawyer mentioned that Farouk al-Fishawy was devoted to his grandchild and always keen to defuse the ongoing tension between his son and Hennawy. Lina is currently studying abroad in the UK following a prior agreement between Lina’s grandfather and her mother.

In response to her father’s sentence, Lina commented on Instagram, “I am sad, I wish you were there for me like a father to his daughter.”

Lina, who posted several photos and sad comments on Instagram following her grandfather’s death, had been asked by social media users as to why she was absent for her grandfather’s funeral.

Her answer on Instagram clarified that her father had previously obtained a judicial ruling from the court enabling him to prevent his daughter from returning to the UK in the event she visits Egypt.

Photo credit: Ahmed Al-Fishawy’s official Instagram account.


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