Egyptian actress Sherine Seif al-Nasr dies age 57

Egyptian actress Sherine Seif al-Nasr has passed away at the age of 57 and was buried at her family’s graves on Saturday, her brother Sherif Seif al-Nasr announced.

Sherif posted a photo on Instagram of his sister, writing: “My little half-sister, the artist Sherine Hanem Elham Seif al-Nasr, passed away today to God’s mercy.”

He continued, “The prayer and burial took place in the family cemetery in peace and quiet, as the deceased requested, and the ceremonies are limited to that without condolences in accordance with her will. Please pray for mercy and forgiveness for her. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.”



Sherine Seif al-Nasr stated previously that she had retired from the artistic community for 12 years due to the death of her mother.

During a phone call to the “Masaa DMC” program in June 2022, she explained that “My mother’s death is the reason for my absence. I was very tired when my mother died, so I went away. She was everything in my life, and she stood by my side and read movies and series to me, and the press used to talk to her.”

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