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Egyptian handballer Yahia Omar signs on for Paris Saint-Germain

The Egyptian international handball player for the Hungarian Veszprém KC league Yahia Omar announced he would be signing on for France’s Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), shocking fans both inside and out of Egypt.

Omar, 25, signed his transfer contracts to Paris Saint-Germain for a period of three seasons, starting from 2024-2025 and ending in 2026-2027.

This comes even after Omar suffered a cruciate ligament injury in the past season, which barred him from participating in the men’s world championship with his team and the Egyptian national team.

Omar was born in 1998 in Giza Governorate. He started his handball career at Zamalek Sporting Club, where he was promoted to the first team.

He then participated with Zamalek in winning continental championships in Africa.

Starting from the 2019-2020 season, the Hungarian club Veszprém brought in Omar, and since then he has been the main right-back of the team.

In his first year with Veszprém in the Champions League, Omar managed to score 32 goals. By the second season he raised his score to 56, and 2021-2022 saw him soar to 83 goals.

His injury last season brought him down to only 37 goals, and Omar will be seeking to make up for what he missed with Veszprém this year before moving on to PSG.

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