Egyptian importers protest customs holding goods for months

Dozens of importers of car spare parts protested before the People's Assembly on Sunday against customs authorities who have held up goods for months.

They said around 300 owners and workers from import companies in Cairo, Damietta, Mansoura, Port Said and Sharqiya organized the protest.

Protesters blame the Industry and Trade Ministry and the customs authorities for failing to release the imported parts for ten months, leading to the closure and bankruptcy of some companies. Claiming authorities' claims of irregularities were false, they demanded the unconditional release of the goods and compensation for their losses.

Demonstrators held banners reading, “Mr. President… ruining our companies doesn’t satisfy you,” and shouted slogans.

Ahmed al-Sadeq, a company owner and the protesters’ spokesperson, said both the ministry and customs authorities refused to release the goods without giving a clear reason, although all the importers had presented documents proving the goods conform to legal standards.

Al-Sadeq added that the protest will continue until the goods are released.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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