Egypt Independent

Egyptian left-wing party criticizes constitutional amendments committee

The Egyptian leftist Tagammu Party, one of the most prominent opponents of the recently approved constitutional amendments, has accused the committee that proposed the amendments of “ignoring” the various political forces of the country.
“The committee insists to unilaterally determine the fate of the homeland without any dialogue or discussion with the components of the community," the party said in a statement on Monday, criticizing the committee for not taking into account the views of opposition parties, civil society organizations and the 25 January rebels who sacrificed their lives for democracy, dignity and social justice.
The statement warned of rushing to pass laws, saying the committee had already prepared five draft laws to be discussed at the Council of Ministers and for the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to decree.
The five drafts pertain to the law on practicing political rights, the law on regulating presidential elections, and the law on political parties, in addition to amendments to the laws on the People's Assembly and the Shura Council.
“This opens the door to a dictatorship that controls the fate of the nation,” the statement added. “The drafts must be offered for an earnest dialogue among all political forces.”

The party called on the Council of Ministers to defer consideration of these drafts until they are discussed properly.