Egyptian tycoons sent their money abroad following demos, says media figure

In a talk show on Thursday, prominent media personality Emad Adib said that a number of Egyptian businessmen had sent their money abroad after the eruption of Tuesday's anti-government demonstrations.

He also expected businessmen to leave the country and government officials to resign if the situation escalated.

“The people who took to the streets do not belong to political parties, nor do they have political orientations,” he said. “They are the Internet generation.”

Adib attributed the unrest to the alleged rigging of last year's parliamentary elections. “Many people were frustrated by the results of the elections,” he said.

While he said the government’s passive reaction to the demonstrations reflected its incompetence, Adib praised Egypt's security services. “They have saved the country a million times before from the repercussions of such incompetence,” he said.

“Change does not only mean overthrowing the government,” he said. “It also means an end to corruption and inflation and the improvement of public services.”

“The current government did part of its job, but it is not suitable for the coming phase,” he added, expecting the security services to order a curfew if the situation deteriorates.

“We expect the president to take responsibility for the ministers’ mistakes,” Adib said. “They have to listen more carefully to the people’s problems.”

Adib also said that statistics announced by Ahmed Ezz, the ruling party’s planning and budget committee head, about improved economic conditions in Egypt were “dubious.”

He also said there were some 1400 pending lawsuits challenging the legitimacy of parliament. “This, in turn, puts into question the legitimacy of the next president,” he noted.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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