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Egyptian vaccine authority comments on AstraZeneca side effects

The Head of Vaccinations at the Egyptian Holding Company for Biological Products and Vaccines (VACSERA) Mostafa Mohamady commented on AstraZeneca’s confession that its coronavirus vaccine can cause fatal side effects.

In a phone interview with TV host Amr Adib on the “al-Hekaya” (The Story) show on Monday, Mohamady said that the concerns raised over the AstraZeneca vaccine are not new, assuring that the health situation in Egypt is safe and there is no need for concern.

He stated that so long as the World Health Organization (WHO) has approved this particular vaccine it is safe and effective.

There is no need for those who received AstraZeneca vaccine to worry, he assured, as thi side effect is of a rare occurrence that does not exceed a few cases per million.


AstraZeneca admits to deadly side-effects

AstraZeneca is facing a collective compensation lawsuit by dozens of families who claim that they, or their loved ones, were sickened or killed because of its “defective” vaccine.

The company, which is contesting these allegations, admitted in a legal document submitted to the Supreme Court in February that its vaccine “can, in very rare cases, cause TTS,” a blood clotting condition with thrombocytopenia syndrome.

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