Egyptian woman Amira Fyala on ASCP’s ’40 Under Forty 2022′ list

The American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) announced the selection of an Egyptian woman among its list of the most prominent 40 scientists or researchers under the age of 40 for 2022 – the ASCP’s “40 Under Forty“.

Those selected are among the most qualified physicians, pathologists and clinical pathologists around the world, whose scientific research has defined the progress and development of pathology and clinical pathology.


Who is Amira Fyala?

Fyala holds a doctorate in biochemistry from Alexandria University and is a consultant in medical analysis.

She is also a senior researcher in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and holds a postdoctoral candidate at the Cancer Stem Cells and Molecular Oncology Research Institute at Alexandria University, in Egypt.

She holds an interest in stem cell research and cancer molecular therapeutics and has conducted research on gene manipulation of cancer stem cells and molecular therapeutics in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

Her findings have been published in journals of ASCP and the American Association for Cancer Research. In 2019, Fyala received the ASCP Best International Scientific Poster Award for her research.

In 2020, Fyala received the ASCP Member Excellence in Management Award, which recognizes laboratory professionals for effective leadership and management strategies in laboratory operations.


Recognized by the world’s oldest pathology organization

The selection for the ASCP 40 Under Forty was made by a group of scientists in the field, she said, including the American Association of Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

This year’s selection coincides with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the association, which is the oldest and largest organization in pathology in the world, and is currently headed by a scientist Nominees for the Nobel Prize.

The selected researchers will be qualified to be leaders of new scientists in the field and to participate in their contributions to developing the science of pathology in clinical pathology, she explained.

Selections were primarily based on advanced research and the contributions they made, especially recent research in the post-coronavirus era – which saw the science of pathology see a leap in development.


A proud Egyptian scientist

Fyala expressed her pride that the research produced in her homeland competes with the global research on cancer treatments.

The research team at Alexandria University is conducting research on treating cancer through gene therapy, away from chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Fyala added that she holds 15 years of experience in oncology research at Alexandria University in cooperation with the largest international laboratories in the US.

The ASCP chooses five researchers out of 40 by means of societal impact and the extent of the researchers’ association in the surrounding community, and whether they are influential in their community or not.

This is because the nomination is to lead a research team, and the top five of the forty selected in the annual conference will be based on the community votes through its website.

Fyala said that by choosing among the 40 most important researchers under the age of forty this year, she became eligible to compete to be selected among the five researchers from the forty according to the criteria of impact on their communities, and the extent of their communities’ support for them by voting on the association’s website.

She added that she hopes for support from Egypt and the Arab world.


40 under Forty

The ASCP’s “40 Under Forty” program recognizes members under the age of 40 for their achievements and leadership qualities that are making an impact on pathology and laboratory medicine, according to ASCP.

According to its website: “Forty pathologists, laboratory professionals, and residents are chosen annually through an application or nomination process. The program has recognized worthy members of the laboratory team both nationally and internationally. From the 40 Under Forty honorees, five individuals are selected as the 40 Under Forty Top Five through a combination of public voting and committee selection.”


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