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Egypt’s Drug Authority warns against using Dexamethasone without medical supervision

The Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA) on Tuesday commented on foreign and local media reports regarding the steroid drug dexamethasone as a treatment for the coronavirus, and warned against using it without medical supervision.

According to the statement, using the drug without medical approval and supervision could invite a host of health risks such as immune suppression, swelling of the face and body extremities, changes in vision, pain and muscle weakness, slow wound healing, stomach bleeding, epileptic seizures, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and heart failure.

Dexamethasone is still in the clinical study and trial phase, it stressed, and has only been tested on specific coronavirus cases in hospitals placed on ventilators and under medical supervision.

The EDA urged citizens not to take any drugs without first consulting medical professionals and to follow all precautions against the spread of the coronavirus.

It also called upon media outlets to verify the accuracy of its news and refer to the EDA for verification of any information related to pharmaceutical drugs and approved medical supplies registered in Egypt, in order to maintain public safety.

The EDA previously warned in a press statement on June 4 that the excessive use of vitamins may lead to serious side effects, and that citizens should avoid self-prescribing medications to treat or prevent coronavirus.

The authority does not recommend self-prescribed medications to treat or prevent coronavirus, including antibiotics.

It stressed that citizens should not take any medications or vitamins unless under the supervision of a physician, and should refer to health service providers in this regard.

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