Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture, Saudi counterpart discuss penalties for infected shipments

Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture Dr Ezz al-Din Abu Steit and his Saudi counterpart Abdul Rahman al-Fadhly agreed to set penalties for export violations, expand cooperation in the agriculture industry, increase the commercial exchange of crops and activate contacts between the two countries.

The Egyptian Agricultural Quarantine and the Risk Management Department at the Ministry of Agriculture will set the penalties, said Abu Steit, adding that the ministry would hold ongoing communications and regular meetings to discuss obstacles faced by the agreements.

Abu Steit and Fadhly agreed that regulations should demand results of laboratory analyses and a copy of the agricultural certificate of the Saudi shipment to the Egyptian Agricultural Quarantine.

Abu Steit added that the ministry would stop activities of farms and exporters that export infected shipments.

The Saudi Kingdom’s Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Abdul Rahman Bin Abdul Mohsen al-Fadhly in October lifted a ban on importing Guava from Egypt after Egypt implemented new export rules.

According to a report released by Egypt’s Ministry of Agriculture, the new rules include providing export information codes for Guava farms, exporting companies and packaging locations with the properly checking Guava shipments.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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