ElBaradei preparing document on human rights in Egypt

Presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei said on Sunday that he was working in collaboration with a number of community forces to prepare a document on human rights for Egypt, laying out the fundamental human rights as they apply to all Egyptian citizens.

ElBaradei added that this document should be an integral part of the new constitution, free from amendment or compromise.

The announcement came following ElBaradei’s meeting on Sunday with a group of priests at the Evangelical Church of Egypt, where he had been invited to discuss current events.

ElBaradei said the document would lead to the restoration of national consensus on the issues raised regarding the management of the transitional period.

He expressed his concern over the country’s lack of security and the security establishment’s failure to perform its role. He demanded that the police force return to the streets in order to restore security and stability.

ElBaradei went on to say that there was no clear political road map for the transitional phase, and that the proposed dates for the legislative elections would result in election results that do not represent all segments of society.

The presidential candidate ended his meeting with the representatives of the Evangelical Church by emphasizing that development projects for the advancement of Egypt were at the forefront of his mind during the current period.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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