ElBaradei questions Egypt probe as UN blames IS for recent terror attacks

Former Egyptian Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei questioned Sunday the fate of Egyptian investigations into the fatal crash of a Russian passenger plane after the United Nations indirectly blamed the catastrophe on the Islamic State.
“Is the investigation still ongoing?” the Nobel laureate and former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency tweeted Sunday, adding that a United Nations Security Council resolution, "convicted the IS and declared it responsible.”
While Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom said they were confident the crash, which killed 224 people, was the result of a terrorist attack, Egypt said it preferred to wait for results from its own investigations around the incident, arguing that it hasn't found clues hinting that it was a terrorist attack.
ElBaradei said a UNSC resolution Friday practically laid full responsibility for the disaster on the Islamic State. The resolution declared the organization, which claimed responsibility for downing the Metrojet plane, an “unprecedented threat”.

The resolution came after a series of attacks claimed by the Islamic State left at least 130 dead in Paris on November 13.


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