Engineers Syndicate demands Morsy release

The Engineers Syndicate's Freedoms Committee Monday will hold a press conference entitled “the forced disappearance of the President” in the presence of Morsy's family, local and international human rights organizations, the media, and members of the Syndicate Council.
Essam Ibrahim, rapporteur of the Freedoms Committee, said that the committee has received complaints from the family of Mohamed Morsy, the ousted President, about his whereabouts. The committee is concerned with the matter because Morsy is one of the syndicate's members, Ibrahim said.
The union sent letters to the Defense Ministry and concerned authorities about Morsy, he explained.
Morsy has been detained in an unknown military facility since he was ousted by the army earlier this month after mass popular protests against his rule.
The military said last week that Morsy is was being held in a safe place for his own protection and that he is being treated well..
On the other hand, Tariq Nabarawy, founder of the syndicate's Independence Movement, accused the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Syndicate Council of “wasting the money of engineers” to support Morsy. “The Brotherhood Council is still wasting our money to defend the ousted [president].”
The Muslim Brotherhood had swept the syndicate elections in 2011, with group member Magued Kholousy getting elected as the head of the syndicate.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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