EU monitors Constitution referendum

EU Ambassador in Cairo James Moran said the Egyptian authorities had invited the European Union to monitor the referendum on constitutional amendments. He does not know, however, the number of the EU delegation members, because the date of the referendum has not yet been not set.
Moran added that It is important for Egyptians to cast their ballots, whether with “yes” or “no,” and the EU thinks that all parties shall take part in the referendum. He is also looking forward to the EU supervision on the next presidential and parliamentary elections.
On the other hand, a senior diplomatic source said, that a delegation of experts from the European Union visited Egypt late month after the government agreed to invite the EU to monitor the referendum on constitutional amendments. The delegation met with government officials, and representatives from the army and the police, and was granted access to the list of voters.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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