Fact-finding committee travels to Aswan to unravel church attack

A Justice Ministry fact-finding committee tasked with investigating this week's Maspero violence left Cairo Wednesday to travel to Aswan.

The committee will visit Marinab village, the scene of an attack on a local church that sparked the Coptic protests in Cairo Sunday, during which at least 25 were killed and hundreds injured.

Media reports indicated that Muslims burned a church under construction in Marinab late last month. Some, including the governor of Aswan, said the church did not have the appropriate permits and was meant to be a residential building.

Justice Minister Mohamed Abdel Aziz al-Guindi commissioned the committee to investigate the incident.

After much public outrage, the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is holding a press conference Wednesday to discuss the circumstances of the Maspero violence.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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