Financial institution robbed in Nasr City

Two people on Wednesday robbed a financial instution and stole LE800,000.

Major General Osama al-Sagheer, head of the Cairo investigations department, was notified that two armed people robbed the Super Service Company located at Nasr City’s Abbas al-Aqqad street. The company specializes in wire transfers. They escaped in a car after stealing LE800,000.

Detectives investigated the scene of the crime, spoke to eyewitnesses, and the authorities are pursuing the thieves.

On Tuesday, thieves robbed a post office and managed to escape. Eyewitnesses said five people broke into the post office, closed it behind them, threatened the staff with firearms, stole LE150,000 and fled in an a car lacking a license plate. The robbery took place in broad daylight.

On Monday, an HSBC bank and a Swiss Armored were also robbed in Cairo.

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