First shipment of Ethiopian calves reaches Egypt

The first shipment of imported Ethiopian calves has reached Egypt, carrying 2,216 of the 15,000 calves that Egypt is to import from the East African country.

The shipment comes after an agreement concluded by Prime Minister Ahmad Nazif during his latest visit to Ethiopia. The calves were unloaded at Port Safaga on the Red Sea coast, and inspected for diseases.

Youssef Nour, a veterinarian at the General Authority for Control of Exports and Imports at the port, said the first stages of examination are conducted in the calves’ country of origin, in this case Ethiopia, where the Veterinary Services Authority quarantines the animals for a period of three weeks. During this period, the calves are given Egyptian fodder to adjust their taste to that of locally produced Egyptian meat. When the shipment arrives to Port Safaga, the second stage of inspection begins.

Abdallah el-Agouz, the general director of food supply for the Red Sea, said that the imported calves are male, weigh an average of 400kg and are under four years old. He added that their meat quality is no less than local meat and is acceptable to Egyptian consumers. The meat, el-Agouz added, will be sold to butchers for LE26 and to consumers for LE30 at storehouses.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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