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Five secret reasons why you’re not losing weight

It is a challenge to answer all the questions clients in the gym throw at a fitness instructor or a gym trainer. The range of causes to certain conditions can vary without limitation when it comes to the human body and the way it reacts to training, food, diet and injuries. The question that puzzles every fitness instructor, however, is the most important of them all: “If I’m working out everyday, and watching what I eat, why am I not losing weight?!”

The answer to that question really depends on many different elements that can be traced to the way certain people react to certain workout techniques and diet habits. But there are five reasons that most–if not all–trainees disregard. The trainee will not notice the effects these secret reasons have on the way the body loses weight. As a result, they may feel they are not doing enough to accomplish their fitness goals.

So, let’s talk about these different reasons, and let’s try to find out solutions to limit their effects on our bodies:

You are not losing weight because you are skipping breakfast: 

Some trainees think that skipping breakfast is the easiest way to cut down calories, especially if they are not feeling hungry in the morning. What these trainees miss, however, is the fact that eating first thing in the morning gets their metabolism going, kick-starting it to burn more calories all through the day. Studies show that people who have breakfast tend to eat healthier overall, maybe because they don’t get so hungry for the rest of the day which allows them to control their cravings for junk food.

Solution: It’s really simple. Do not skip breakfast. Try to pick small nutritious items for breakfast like yogurt, fruits, vegetables and the likes and stay away from anything that comes hot or cooked, such as omelets. The simpler your breakfast, the easier you will burn it, allowing your metabolism to work on your stored calories from the day before.

You are not losing weight because you are depressed or stressed:

The human brain works in mysterious ways. Thus, any psychological change in your daily live can cause a physical effect on your body. Depression, for example, can lead into a change in appetite (in both directions, greater appetite or smaller one) and can cause isolation and lack of motivation to exercise. On the other hand, studies have linked increase level of Cortisol–a hormone that’s released in response to stress–which can cause weight gain.

Solution: Depression is a psychological disorder that needs medical attention from a certified doctor. Stress, on the other hand, can be a psychological disorder as well. A simple way, however, to release an abnormal level of stress is to ask yourself this: Am I in imminent danger? The answer is almost always no, and you will find yourself relaxing after you realize that. 

You are not losing weight because you are not sleeping well:

Not getting enough sleep can increase your appetite; it’s a vicious cycle in which your hormones are disrupted by lack of sleep, which leads you to over-eat. You notice intense sugar cravings as well, which leads to more sleep deprivation.

Solution: Aim for eight hours of sleep daily. Try to start your day in the early morning allowing your body to function easily and create–step by step–a routine for yourself.

You are not losing weight because you are drinking too much liquid calories

You would consider sodas, juices, iced-teas and creamy coffees to be just drinks, but they are simply not. Each one of these drinks is filled with high number of calories that might surprise you. Also, since these drinks are loaded with sugar, they are going to spike your hunger and might lead you to eat a full meal afterwards.

Solution: Switch to water. Water is the easiest and most important drink that your body might have. Try to think of these other drinks as treats that you have once in a while rather than on daily basis.

You are not losing weight because you eat while distracted:

It’s the oldest trick in the book since they invented sofas and TV sets: You are watching your favorite TV show while lazing down on the sofa and suddenly you would realize that the bag of chips is over but you still want more. Chowing your food is another important element in losing weight; when you do so, you are making it easier for your stomach to digest the food. Eating while distracted leads you to swallow your food without chewing it enough.

Solution: Do not eat on the sofa or in-front of the TV. Eat while sitting on a dinner table and pay attention to what you eat and how you eat it.

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