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Foreign Minister warns of current threats to Egypt’s security due to Gaza war

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry on Friday warned of current threats to Egypt’s national security brought on by the current war in Gaza.

He expressed his belief that “Egypt’s security is at risk due to displacement and the increase in terrorist acts in the region linked to the cycle of revenge and violence,” stressing the importance of resolving the conflict to avoid exploitation of the Palestinian issue by terrorist organizations.

This came during an interview with the Washington, DC-based think tank Wilson Center about the repercussions of the crisis in Gaza on regional and international peace and security, and the necessity of serious international action to stop Israeli violations.

“There are political repercussions of the displacement of Palestinians to Egypt, and the matter is not related to the number of residents of Gaza, as Egypt receives nine million refugees,” he said.

Shoukry added: “If the cessation of military operations in Gaza had continued, there would have been additional talks to overcome the differences regarding the nature of those who would be released, and Egypt is in an ongoing discussion with Israel.”

The Egyptian Foreign Minister added that there are parties that financed Hamas during the past 15 years, but are now in conflict with Hamas and are seeking to strengthen the division between the West Bank and Gaza.

“Any talk about the future of the Gaza Strip must be linked to the West Bank and not as a separate land,” he stressed.

The war on Gaza has entered its 63rd day, as Israeli forces continue to bomb cities and governorates in the north and south of the Strip, amid fears of a deepening humanitarian catastrophe.


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