Former deputy PM: Political parties divided and weak

Speaking to Al-Masry Al-Youm, former deputy prime minister and professor of constitutional law Hossam Eissa described all political parties as "weak." 
The problem lies in the disintegration of parties, he said. "If the parties were active on the ground instead of criticizing the election laws, it would be much better," he stated, adding that no political party is likely to win the majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections, as independent candidates will dominate the scene.
People have lost hope in political parties, believing they are divided and have nothing to offer them, according to Eissa. "The parties' failure in the elections will be due to their shortcomings, not to the elections law," he added.
In a related context, former dean of Cairo's Faculty of Law Mahmoud Kebaish said that the demands presented by some parties regarding the election law puts the state in a difficult situation, leading to disrupting elections.
"Amending the legislation will result in continuous partisan disagreements, as each party pursues its own interests," he added.
"Dialogue, in the Egyptian situation, has proven to be a failure," said Kebaish.
In his pinion, the best way to resolve the conflict is to amend the law in accordance with the instructions of the Supreme Constitutional Court regarding electoral constituencies, and to wait until the parliament is elected to change the legislation itself.

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