Four imprisoned for filmed performance against police, army brutality

Four Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers were sentenced to two years in prison for filming a flash mob performance representing the brutality of the police and army against political dissidents.
Sidi Gaber Misdemeanor Court of Appeal sentenced the four and placed them under surveillance for a period equal to the duration of the sentence.
Last August, nearly 150 people assembled in front of Green Plaza Mall, in Smouha area of Alexandria to perform and film the flash mob act. The performers were divided into two sides while performing their act, one acting as demonstrators and the other as the police and the army.
Sidi Gaber Court had originally announced all defendants in the case “not guilty.” The verdict was issued in absentia as the defendants were unable to attend the session and leave prison, due to security conditions.
The prosecution, however, appealed the verdict demanding them to be imprisoned and the court on Sunday sentenced them to two years in prison.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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