Friday’s Tahrir protests denounce Israeli assault on Gaza

Protesters began gathering in Tahrir Square on Friday morning to denounce Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip.

Other protesters have also come to the square to continue demonstrating in favor of a stronger application of Sharia in the new constitution.

Amid a notable presence of traffic police, traffic has so far continued to run smoothly around Tahrir and the surrounding streets, including the Corniche and Qasral-Nil streets.

A high number of police have been stationed in the square, while the street vendors who are normally present at protests have been conspicuously absent.

Several ambulances have been stationed at entrances to the square in anticipation of potential injuries or health emergencies.

Friday’s biggest march is scheduled to depart from Al-Azhar Mosque after the Friday prayers given by Youssef al-Qaradawy, the chairman of the International Association of Muslim Scholars.

The Freedom of Justice issued a statement earlier calling for a protest outside of mosques in Cairo and across the governorates to support Gaza against Israel’s violent assault.

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