Govt oversight chief accused of concealing reports against Mubarak

Several former employees at Egypt's Central Auditing Authority (CAA) accused on Tuesday the agency's head, Gawdat al-Malt, of withholding monitoring reports that contain evidence against former president Hosni Mubarak and his officials.

Observers Against Corruption, a group comprised of former CAA servants, said in a statement that Malt intentionally concealed many monitoring reports to prevent Mubarak and his ex-officials from being convicted on charges of seizing public funds.

Several reports concerning the presidency have been kept secret despite containing evidence against Mubarak and former Chief of Presidential Staff Zakariya Azmy that could be used in court, according to the statement.

The statement, however, did not provide details about the reports.

The anti-corruption group called for removing senior figures affiliated with the Mubarak regime from their posts, arguing that allowing them to keep their jobs will enable concealment of evidence against former officials.

Malt's adviser, Mohamed Wanis, denied the allegations. He said the authority has sent all reports in its possession to the relevant bodies in accordance with CAA regulations and that it also sent the documents to the attorney general following the January uprising.

Wanis told independent daily newspaper Al-Shorouk that the accusations are baseless, attributing them to the employees’ desire to “settle old accounts” after they had been fired for involvement in legal cases.

He also refuted accusations that the CAA is trying to protect former officials by saying that those in police custody were arrested based on CAA reports accusing them of seizing public funds.

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