Govt report predicts rise in local wheat production

Egypt's wheat production could rise by 33 percent during the current season, according to a forthcoming Ministry of Agriculture report.

Sources from the ministry said on Monday that a report on the local wheat production index will be submitted to the government within weeks.

Wheat productivity soared from 15 ardebs per feddan last year to 20 ardebs per feddan this year, the report said. The findings led to predictions that the country's total may jump from 45 million ardebs to 60 million.

The ministry has also laid down a new plan for the next season to increase the amount of seeds approved for wheat cultivation. It hopes to increase the average productivity to 22 ardebs per feddan while keeping the cultivated areas at 3 million feddans.

The same sources said the new plan will increase Egypt's total production from 6 million ardebs to 66 million during the next season.

The head of the ministry’s agricultural services sector, Salah Youssef, said the climate conditions Egypt witnessed this year have helped increase productivity to 20 ardebs, up from 15 last year, when unusual weather caused a decrease.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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