Govt says it received 22 million inquiries about voting

The Ministry of State for Administrative Development has received over 22 million inquiries from voters since the launch of the official elections website in September 2011, announced Ashraf Abdel Wahab, deputy minister at the Ministry of State for Administrative Development. The number of people eligible to vote in parliamentary elections equals about 50 million.

The inquiries included questions concerning the location of polling stations and constituencies for both the party-based and single-winner voting systems. During the previous week, 1.3 million calls were received. In addition, since the SMS service began operating four days ago, it has received 2.5 million text messages inquiring about voters’ election committees.

Regarding Egyptian expatriates, Abdel Wahab said voting abroad took place over two phases, the first of which happened from 10 to 19 November when voters registered on the official website for the 2011 elections. Voters were then required to register at Egyptian embassies in their respective countries. Some 355,569 voters registered and 121,541 had their voting cards printed for the first phase of elections.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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