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Haifa Wahbe suspended from acting in Egypt

The Egyptian Chamber of Cinema Industry, the Theatrical Professions Syndicate, and the Cinema Syndicate in Egypt issued a statement on Wednesday evening announcing the suspension of Lebanese actress and singer Haifa Wahbe from acting in Egypt or participating in any Egyptian works of art against the backdrop of her dispute with producer Mohamed al-Sobky.

The joint statement said that based on a decision by Egyptian Chamber of Cinema Industry headed by Farouk Sabry, the Theatrical Professions Syndicate headed by Ashraf Zaky, and the Cinema Syndicate headed by Mossad Fouda, Wahbe was banned from acting in Egypt or participating in Egyptian works of art. The statement added that Wahby has to return to El-Sobky for Cinema Production company US$40,000.

According to the statement, Wahbe received the sum in return for her role in Thanya Wahda movie. The statement added Wahby was obliged to pay to Sobky’s company as well LE1.7 million which are the cost of filming of two days for the same movie.

Wahbe as reportedly violated her contract on Thanya Wahda movie by filming a scene in another movie called Khair W Baraka for another production company and refraining from completing the first movie, two days after the start of shooting.

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