Hamas accuses Egypt of being reluctant to end Palestinian suffering


Hamas government in Gaza said on Sunday that closing the Rafah border crossing for the tenth day in a row affirms what they described as a “policy of worsening the humanitarian situation” and reluctance to alleviate the suffering in Gaza.

A statement issued by Ihab al-Ghosein, head of the government's media relations bureau, in the Palestinian news agency Safa, Hamas expressed concern over Egypt’s insistence on keeping the crossing closed for the tenth consecutive day. It added that this "tightens the blockade on Gaza and makes the humanitarian situation worse.”

“What is the benefit for Egypt from keeping the border closed? What are the motives for the Egyptian government's insistence on closing the border,” the government wondered.


Hamas referred to “exacerbation of human suffering among Gazan people from years ago" and said that Egypt does little to alleviate that suffering.    


“We will renew our requests to Egypt to open the Rafah crossing. We call for ending their reluctance to help our suffering Palestinian people,” it added.


Hamas also called on all Arab and regional countries to “express stances opposing this ongoing policy practised against Palestinian people in Gaza.” It also called for immediate intervention to open the Rafah border as well as other closed crossings in a crack down on Gaza.


Egyptian Military Spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali said second field army elements and border troops destroyed four tunnels in Rafah on Sunday that were being used for smuggling fuel.


Ali added that hoses used to pump smuggled fuel to Gaza and three vehicles without metal panels that were used for smuggling via tunnels were seized. Two persons were arrested.

Edited translation from DPA

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