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Heikal: Mubarak should leave Sharm el-Sheikh

Prominent Egyptian author Mohamed Hassanein Heikal called for former President Hosni Mubarak to move out of Sharm el-Shiekh, saying his presence there represents a threat to the revolution which led to his ouster on 11 February.

In an interview with Egyptian Television on Saturday, Heikal warned that Mubarak is still in touch with some officials currently in power, describing this situation as “deeply concerning.”

There is continuous communication between Cairo and the South Sinai resort city, he said, adding that the pro-Mubarak protests on Friday were staged "upon instructions from Sharm el-Sheikh."

Heikal wondered why Mubarak does not travel to Germany for treatment or to Alexandria to stay there.

According to Heikal, Mubarak used to spend prolonged periods in Sharm el-Sheikh while still in power because the location represents part of a security plan of the police state he created.

Sharm el-Sheikh is away from urban settlements and the grip of the army. Furthermore, the tourist resort has an airport and is close to Israel, he added.

He added that certain foreign and regional elements, that he hinted could represent a threat to Egypt’s interests, currently reside in Sharm el-Sheikh as well.

Heikal, who appeared for the first time in many years on Egyptian Television, said that Mubarak's regime entrenched corruption through legal means.