Authorities seize 9 tons of inedible herring and fesikh in Cairo

Following intensive health inspections of fish shops since early April, authorities have seized 8 tons of herring and 1 ton of fesikh, a traditional Egyptian dish consisting of fermented salted and dried gray mullet.

The inspections, carried out in preparation for the Easter holiday and the Egyptian spring celebration of “Sniffing the breeze,” found the fish to be unfit for human consumption and prevented it from reaching the market, said Dr. Suad Kholy, director of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Cairo.

In a press statement on Monday, Kholy said 3 tons of herring were seized in the Manshiet Nasr area, and 5 tons of herring and 1 ton of fesikh were seized in Helwan.

Meanwhile, 200 kg of unsanitary ground beef were seized in Nasr City’s Seventh District and destroyed.

Kholy said all directorate departments have been on high alert since the beginning of the month, and that inspections have been intensified on butcher shops, frozen meat outlets, poultry processing plants, and fish shops selling fresh, processed and preserved fish.

Translated from MENA

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