Housing Ministry investigates properties of 6 April Movement leaders

The New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), affiliated with the Housing Ministry, requested its branches provide information about any properties owned by seven leaders of the 6 April Movement.
The leaders are Ahmed Maher, Asma Mahfouz, Mohamed Adel, Isra Abdel Fattah, Bassem Fathy, Ahmed Salah Eddin and Bassem Samir.
“It has become a normal practice after the revolution to investigate properties of certain people,” said NUCA Vice President Nabih Abdel Maogoud,  
Maher said he does not mind being investigated by the authority. “It will prove that we do not own anything or take any foreign funding as some like to claim,” he said, accusing the authorities of still relying on reports by the dissolved State Security Investigation Service.
“They will find that I do not own a thing,” said Mahfouz.
Fathy, however, denounced the investigation. “I am not a remnant of the former regime for them to investigate with me,” he said.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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