Hundreds of students protest demanding release of detained colleagues, faculty members

Hundreds of students affiliated to political movements in the universities of Cairo, Helwan and Ain Shams staged protests on Saturday in front of the High Court demanding release of detained colleagues and Faculty members during recent events.
Meanwhile, several passers-by staged another pro-military protest and chanted slogans supporting the armed forces.
Verbal wrangles erupted among the student protests and some passers-by as the students shouted anti-military slogans, with police intervening to separate them.
The High Court employees closed the gates to prevent the students from breaking into the building.
Military troops stepped up security measures around the premises by stationing two armored vehicles in front of the main gate overlooking Ramses Street. However, in a move to avoid clashes with military supporters, students headed to the Journalists Syndicate.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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