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International Fall 2010 trends

Although "must-haves" can be a strong word in a country where much of the world’s top fashion comes at imported prices, the Fall/Winter 2010 catwalks are inspirational in terms of combinations, colors and styles. This year, the fall/winter fashion forecast takes a little from the old and mixes in new and bizarre ideas and combinations. So whether you’re looking to start anew and follow the trends, or just want to replenish the winter garments that were eaten by moths or have become loose due to all the weight you’ve taken off this year (yes, you look great!), here are some of the strong trends this season and ways how you can incorporate them into your stash of already-there winter clothes.

Urban Chic

The "women-at-work" trend, you may be pleased to know, is not just a local thing. Women all over the world are heading to offices and work sites to keep the economy (and their homes) alive. As the number of women in the workplace increases, fashion trends are likely to respond. This winter, the executive look has turned just that little bit more masculine. Boxy jackets and the return of black (at least on the runways) are signs that sharper edges and colors are expected to crack through glass ceilings.

Practical Romantic

Abandoning the glamor look prevalent on the catwalks in past years, the economically-charged practical psyche has kicked in fashion-wise as well. Put away your jewels and glitter, this winter finds itself pegged to strong basics, beige trench coats, sturdy fabrics and muted colors. Where’s the romance? In the details: Lace, stitching and flattering cuts bring femininity to the equation. In other words, if you want to update your fall/winter staples, this is the year.

Self Expression

In the search for a little playfulness amidst the hard practicality of life, this winter’s catwalks put considerable emphasis on eccentricity. Whether through teaming one striking item with basics–like a bright red puffy cardigan or a fantastically blue scarf–or piling on clashing patterns and colors (few can get away with this), this winter is all about finding beauty in the world through color. Pick your favorite bright cheer-me-up hue and buy one item you can use to color up your weekend wardrobe. Such eccentricity has come to life in a number of patchwork pieces for this winter on the London catwalks in particular–did Sequoia know what was happening when they added that new patchwork column for the Ramadan tent?

Street-Side Bohemia

Another local event that may have foreshadowed a new trend was the Fairmont Nile Towers who held their Earth Hour gathering with a bohemian chic theme–and now fall/winter hits with a bohemian look. This bohemian ensemble should not be tattered and torn, but neither must it be designer. Look into your (or your mother’s) old wardrobe–or pass by Mango or Zara, as both have picked up on the loose flowy fabrics and feminine details. Remember to keep it fun and young–little flowers and bunchy small skirts made from layers of fluff. Loose flowy pants also featured strongly in New York.


Although, as expected, this fall will bring back boots with laces (for the bohemian touch), black straight lines (for a more urban look), and kitten heels (for a little romance), this winter’s oddest trend is thigh-high boots. Get your mind out of the gutter–they don’t look like that! In soft suedes and muted hues, the thigh-high boot is used more as a bohemian leg covering than a means to pick up clients Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman style. An extension (to say the least) of the cuffed sandal that was sold out at Zara within a a week this summer, it will be interesting to see whether the Cairo fashion hunters take on this trend, or whether the trend even makes it to Cairo stores.

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