Irrigation Min Urges Building Climate-Adaptive African Community

Water and Irrigation Minister and head of the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) Hani Sweilam asserted the importance of building an African community capable of adapting to climate change which represents a major challenge to African countries.

This has prompted Egypt to participate in the African climate summit in September which ended up with announcing the Nairobi declaration which called on countries responsible for climate change to make serious commitments for accelerating climate action and laying down mechanisms for financing climate action.

He made the remarks during his participation in the extraordinary meeting of the executive committee of the council via video conference to review the 2024 action plan and budget of the council.

Sweilam reviewed Egypt’s efforts as AMCOW head, underlining the importance of building on the achievements realized over the past period.

He referred to the launch of AWARe initiative for water adaptation and resilience.

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