Islamist government not in Egypt’s interests, says Brotherhood figure

Leading Muslim Brotherhood figure Medhat al-Haddad on Thursday called on Islamist presidential candidates to withdraw from the elections and choose a candidate approved of by all society.

“It’s not in the interests of the Egyptian people that Islamists come to power,” he said, explaining that the Brotherhood has operated secretly for 57 years and is thus incapable of ruling.

Haddad, however, approved of using the group’s slogan of “Islam is the Solution” in parliamentary elections. “It has become the slogan of the global Islamist movement,” he said, confirming the existence of 26 court rulings allowing use of the slogan.

He assured Coptic Christians that they would be protected under Islam, adding that he was surprised to hear Coptic business tycoon Naguib Sawiris saying he would leave the country if the Islamists came to power. “What exactly is he afraid of?” he asked.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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