Judge apologize for slamming justice minister, backtracks from resignation

Judge Mohamed Abdel Moneim al-Seheimi, of the Qena Court of First Instance, has apologized to Justice Minister Ahmed al-Zend over what was considered an offense that was included in the resignation he submitted to the Supreme Council of Judiciary.
Seheimi visited the ministry to offer an apology to the minister after he learned that the minister was not behind the penalty of his transfer to Qena court, he said.
The judge earlier submitted his resignation which he attributed to enmity of the minister against him, according to media reports.
In his resignation, Seheimi said he was “punished” by the minister over his opposition to the latter’s nomination to the presidency of the Judges Club. He accused the minister of intentionally withholding his promotion and recommending his transfer to a court in Qena where he was overloaded with cases.
Speaking to MBC Masr channel on Sunday, Seheimi said he had asked al-Zend to declare the Judges Club’s budget during his presidency, which the latter rejected. “It had ought to be given out to all club members,” Seheimi said, citing a club by-law.
“I previously asked him for the budget personally inside his office, to which he objected and responded with (impolite) words that should not come from a judge.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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