Khaled Saeed’s trial adjourned to 22 October

Alexandria – Alexandria's criminal court on Saturday adjourned, until 22 October, the trial of two police officers accused of killing Khaled Said.

Said, born in 1982, was allegedly beaten to death after being illegally arrested by two police officers in Alexandria on 6 June, 2010.

Judge Moussa al-Nahrawy has decided to postpone the case to allow the plaintiff’s lawyers to review the report of the third forensic committee, composed of professors from Cairo, Ain Shams and Alexandria Universities.

The Judge also imposed a gag order, preventing coverage of next month’s session.  

A state autopsy last year declared that Said died after choking on a bag of marijuana. His family, and former Egypt's chief medical examiner, Ayman Fouda, accused the report of being politically motivated.

The family submitted another report prepared by doctors saying that his death occurred because he was beaten by police.

In June, the court ordered the formation of a third forensic committee.  

The prominent Facebook group, “We Are All Khalid Said,” created by Wael Ghonim, publicized his death and contributed to resentment against the police. The group, which helped to mobilize popular anger against the government, was a catalyst for Egypt’s recent revolution that began on 25 January, 2011, and resulted in the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak 18 days later.

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