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Large explosion behind sun could be seen from Earth this week

A large explosion occurred behind the sun, a team of scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported, adding that the aftershocks of this explosion could be seen from Earth, this week.

Scientists said in a report published by the Space Weather website, on Monday, that magnetic storms are possible on August 3,

They referred to a high-speed current of the solar wind to the Earth’s magnetic field, and they also suggested that this gas may flow from a southern hole in the sun atmosphere.

According to scientists, solar storms can cause some concern to humans because of their impact on satellites and some devices such as radio. Each solar storm is classified depending on its impact and severity.

These storms can also affect some animals that depend on the magnetic field to determine the direction, such as whales, and can also affect some migratory birds.

Solar storms also produce wonderful natural light shows called “twilights”, which are examples of the Earth’s magnetosphere released by the solar wind.

Notably, the magnetic field protects the Earth from the consequences of solar eruptions but cannot stop all of it.


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