Leon Panetta to visit Cairo Tuesday

President Mohamed Morsy will receive US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta in Cairo on Tuesday. Panetta's visit will last few hours, during which he is also scheduled to meet with head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi.

Panetta's visit comes within the framework of a tour in the region that includes Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt and Israel.
Diplomatic sources in Cairo said that Panetta will discuss with Egyptian officials how to support the democratic transition in Egypt as well as the Syrian and Iranian situations.
Panetta's last visit to Cairo was in October 2011. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Egypt in mid-July followed by a visit from head of the US Central Command John Mattis.
MENA reported Saturday that a delegation of American businessmen will visit Egypt in September to meet Egyptian couterparts within the framework of enhancing the economic and investment relations and promoting tourism.
Edited transaltion from MENA

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