Libyan aid trucks enter Gaza Strip via Rafah

Eight trucks laden with humanitarian supplies belonging to the “Jerusalem” Libyan aid convoy entered the Gaza Strip on Tuesday via Egypt’s Rafah border crossing.

Additional food supplies that still remain in the Egyptian coastal city of Al-Arish are expected to soon be transported to the strip via the Israeli-controlled crossings of El-Auja and Karam Abu Salem, which have been designated by authorities for non-medical supplies.

According to Red Crescent Director Osama el-Sergani, his organization is cooperating with humanitarian donors from all over the world and is facilitating the entry of their donations into the embattled enclave. “Sinai residents have volunteered to help in the process,” he said.

“Libya will continue helping the besieged Palestinians by land and by sea,” said caravan leader Mansour Abu Kotayba, praising Egyptian authorities for their cooperation.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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