Libyan Embassy to hand over weapons discovered inside

The Libyan Embassy will hand over weapons and ammunition discovered inside the embassy Monday to Egyptian authorities, the Libyan ambassador to Cairo said.

Ambassador Abdel Moneim al-Hoany showed the weapons, which apparently had been stored in the embassy building by members of the former Libyan regime, during a press conference Tuesday.

In a statement reported by state TV, Hoany said Egyptian security services received lists of the weapons, which will be handed over on Wednesday.

Egyptian authorities will interrogate Libyan diplomats about the incident to find out why and when the weapons were stored and whether it aimed to destabilize Egyptian national security or to assassinate Muammar Qadhafi's opponents in Egypt.

Hoany stressed that many Libyan embassies around the world store weapons and called on Libyan ambassadors to hand them over to the authorities.

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