MB-affiliated Ain Shams students protest assaults on professors

Hundreds of students affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement on Wednesday staged demonstrations at Cairo's Ain Shams University.

Demonstrators claimed that security agencies had hired thugs to beat and intimidate university professors after the latter had organized protests last Thursday against the deployment of Interior Ministry-appointed campus guards.

Security forces prevented demonstrators from taking to the streets adjacent to the university.

Student protesters said they wanted to send a message that threats against university professors–irrespective of their political orientations–constituted "a red line.”

They also said that a report on the incident issued by university administrators was "misleading," since it claimed that protesting professors had "attempted to sow chaos" on campus.

In related news, security forces on Wednesday arrested three students at Menoufia University for similar reasons, one of whom was reportedly arrested at his home.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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