Memorial service to be organized on first anniversary of killed journalist Mayyada Ashraf’s death

The Committee to Protect Journalists will organize a memorial service outside the Journalists' Syndicate to commemorate the deceased journalist Mayyada Ashraf, as the first anniversary of her death will be marked on Sunday.
In a statement, the committee said it will take more measures to investigate the killing of journalists, starting with the death of Mohamed Mahmoud, killed on 28 January 201, as well as Al-Husseiny Abu Deif, Mayyada Ashraf and others.
The event, according to the statement, will include a candlelight vigil at 6 PM, during which photos of Ashraf will be raised. A press conference will also be held in order to review the latest developments in the investigation of her murder.
The committee called on the syndicate, as well as its newly-elected head Yehia Qallash to pay more attention to the murder of journalists, saying the issue has been neglected over the past two years. It also demanded taking serious measures in order to bring the killers to justice.
Azza Ramadan, Ashraf’s mother, urged Qallash to return fight for the rights of her daughter, and to reveal the identity of the killer, even if he belonged to the police.
Ashraf was killed last year while covering the clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forces in Matarriya district.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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