Military spokesman: 13 tunnels destroyed, 375 illegal migrants arrested

Border guards, in coordination with the armed forces, destroyed 13 tunnels in Sinai on Saturday evening, said Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier Mohamed Samir in a statement. 
Authorities also seized a pickup truck that allegedly transferred 68 packs of agricultural pesticides that had Hebrew writing on it. 
The military spokesman said border guards in Alexandria seized a fishing boat that was transporting 84 undocumented migrants including 33 Egyptians, 37 Syrians, nine Eritreans and five Sudanese. 
Meanwhile, 291 undocumented migrants were arrested near the Salloum crossing including 262 Egyptians, 23 Sudanese, three Palestinians and three Bangladeshi nationals.
Officials also seized large amounts of Tramadol, cigarettes and subsidized rice. 
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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