Minister demands legal action against MP who slapped university employee

The Minister of Higher Education Khaled Abdel Ghaffar said on Saturday that he addressed the Speaker of the House of Representatives Ali Abdel Aal to take legal action against the MP accused of slapping a female security employee at the Fayoum University on her face, against the backdrop of an argument between her and his daughter.

Abdel Ghaffar received in his office yesterday the female security employees at Fayoum University, who was attacked by MP Manjoud al-Hawari, and listened to all of the circumstances surrounding the incident and assured them of the implementation of the law and its application to everyone in a way that ensures respect for the sanctity of the university campus.

The minister also held a meeting with the President of Fayoum University Khaled Hamza, in which he expressed appreciation for the efforts made by the Fayoum University administration to document all the details of the incident by video and audio materials, which helps the investigation bodies to carry out their work.

During the meeting, Fayoum University President presented a detailed report to the Minister of Higher Education on the incident.

Hamza said that senior officials have been communicating with him over the past two days about the progress of the internal investigations at the university conducted by the Security and Discipline Committee on the incident.

He pointed out that the investigations included the statements of university security employees, supervisors and eye witnesses, as well as the videos from CCTV cameras inside the university for two hours, since the arrival of the MP’s daughter to the gate of the Faculty of Social Work, her argument with the security employees, and the arrival of her father who slapped the employee.

Chairman of the Committee on Security and Discipline in the campus Mohamed Abdel Wahab, said that the results of the internal investigations condemned the MP for slapping the employee in the face.

The internal investigations also condemned the daughter of the MP as she also slapped another security employee on the face. Both the incidents were recorded by CCTV cameras.

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