Mohamed Ramadan appeals compensation ruling against late pilot

Egyptian actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan on Tuesday appealed against a compensation ruling issued in April by Cairo Economic Court in favor of the late pilot Ashraf Aboul-Yousr.

On April 8, the court awarded Aboul Yousr with LE6 million in his lawsuit against Ramadan, wherein Aboul-Yousr had demand LE25 million in damages.

Judicial sources said that the court set November 17 session to start hearings in the appeal, which demands suspension to the earlier court ruling.

Aboul-Yousr died on April 28 in a private hospital after suffering from health issues, according to statements from his attorney.

Lawyer Magdy Helmy had filed the compensation lawsuit against Ramadan, stating that his client suffered material and moral damages after Ramadan published a picture on social media in a plane’s cockpit in October 2019.

The lawsuit alleged that Ramadan used the image to promote his new song “Mesh Batfatesh fel Matar” (I am Not Searched at the Airport).

The Civil Aviation Authority suspended Aboul-Yousr and his co-pilot and referred them to urgent interrogation for violating the rules of international and Egyptian civil aviation, and for potentially endangering passengers.

In July 2020, the Dokki Misdemeanor Court sentenced Ramadan to one year in prison, LE10,000 bail and a LE20,000 fine for the photo.

Dokki Misdemeanor Appellant Court in Giza later accepted an appeal filed by Ramadan later against his sentence.

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