MP requests criminal charges against Suzanne Mubarak

Former MP Mostafa Bakry sent a notification to Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud requesting a criminal investigation into charges leveled against Suzanne Mubarak, wife of the ousted Egyptian president, after she relinquished a villa and money to the Illicit Gains Authority (IGA).

In his notification, Bakry said that the IGA investigation revealed that Mubarak received money intended for charities. According to the findings, she took the money for herself and deposited it into her private bank account, withdrawing on it for several years, knowing her actions were in violation of NGO laws.

He added that the law does not drop criminal charges simply because the accused has confessed to a crime and returned embezzled public funds.

Mubarak and former Information Minister Anas al-Fiqqi are accused of seizing foreign donations for the “Reading For All” project, which the former first lady launched.

Judicial sources said investigators obtained very important documents from the Ministry of Culture that could form the basis of more charges against the accused in this case. The attorney general is due to announce details of the documents within days.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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