Muslim Brotherhood leaders referred to military trial

According to judicial sources, Mohamed Wahdan, Mahmoud Ghezlan, Mohamed Saad Elaiwa, Mahmoud Ezzat and 16 other fugitive Muslim Brotherhood leaders have been referred to military trial over charges of espionage for terrorist organizations and planning to kill police and military leaders, as well as media personnel.
The sources added that the defendants include former President Mohamed Morsi's secretary Ahmed Abdel Aaty, who allegedly stole information from the Travel Documents, Immigration, and Nationality Administration during Morsi's presidency. 
According to investigations, Wahdan, Ghezlan, and Elaiwa held a meeting in an apartment in 6th of October City, where they agreed to resort to violence in collaboration with fugitive group leaders abroad, including the killing of police and military personnel, as well as tranferring information about media hosts to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood leaders abroad.
As confirmed by four defendants, who were arrested two months ago, the group had hacked a number of official websites, including those of the Cabinet, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Investment to transfer information about these institutions to the leaders abroad. 
Wahdan and Ghezlan were arrested in 6th of October City. They have denied the above-mentioned charges, according to investigations.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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